How to Fix the IE8 Not Responding Issue

IE8 not responding issue is a common issue with this browser. Several factors that may lead to the problem are the IE8 getting oodles of load of unwanted extensions, toolbars, BHOs, add ons or even some IE security settings. In addition, a third party .dll’ file may be conflicting with the iexplore.exe and errors such as DNS error, install error, certificate error, runtime error, script error. This problem is frustrating especially when watching that interesting YouTube video or checking out an online payment. Learning to fix it both manually and automatically is ideal to make it safe, fast and stable.

This problem  can be automatically be solved by visiting the Microsoft solution centre. This online help offers a “Run Now” button where upon clicking on it, an onscreen prompt is launched. The user just follows the instructions to fix the issue. However, if the computer is disconnected from the internet there is an advanced download version known as the Microsoft Fix It. The problem can also be solved by setting the browser back to its default setting. Simply search options on the search bar and from the Control Panel click on the Internet Options. Go to the Advanced tab and click Reset. Do not select the “delete personal settings” box as this may reset passwords, web information or home page. Click on Reset, after which it will take a short time for the process, once complete click OK. This should fix the issue, if not repeat and this time select the “Delete personal settings”. Another great program for this issue is PC Matic which is designed to fix overall Windows issues.

Another method to fix IE8 not responding issue is by manually uninstalling all the unwanted toolbars. From the Control Panel, go to the Uninstall or Change a Program and chose which toolbar to remove, click on uninstall button. You can also try to disable unwanted Add-ons, from the internet explorer by going to the Manage Add-ons. Another manual method is re-installing add-on programs such as flash player, java or Silverlight from the Control Panel. In case you have the “NVIDIA Graphics driver” application disable the 3D function. From the system tray, open the Nvidia software and disable the “stereoscopic 3D” option.

If the issue is due to a corrupted or missing dll file, find the name of the dll file. By the help of system logs, search the name of that dll file. Go to My Computer and right click then click on Manage. Click on “Event Viewer”, expand it and click on “Application” which is under windows logs. On the right side pane, there is a list of system LOGS. Scroll down to locate the red cross error and double click to get the Error Message details. From the details, find the dll file name and stop the conflict with the iexplore.exe by deleting the file, repair, rename or other prompt solutions.

You can also download the Smart Explorer Not Responding Fixer Pro software. Install the software in the computer and run to enhance system performance. Click on the Start Scan button, where the software identifies any invalid entries and errors causing the IE8 not responding issue and fixes them.


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